Frequently Asked Questions

Are your trainings guaranteed to get my more clients? While every effort is made to teach you the
latest trends in the Virtual Assistant space, I make no guarantees of employment, employment type or
specific employers. A large portion of what you get out of my trainings involves what you put into it.

Do you guarantee I’ll reach six figures quickly? Due to federal regulations I can not specify or promise
money outcomes. Your income will solely depend on you, the implementation of your trainings, your
marketing and systems.

Once I complete your training will I get hired by one of your business contacts? Hiring considerations
only occur if you’ve taken my advanced level training which includes thorough vetting of your
background, experience and expertise. Once you’ve been approved you will be placed into system of
VA’s that I recommend for services to business owners that request such services.

Can you give me job? I am not hiring for VA’s currently. In the future when this changes, I will let the
public know.

Can you recommend me for a job? I do not do recommendations for clients I have not worked closely

Can I take the information you teach and teach it to my students or new hires? No the information
you learn as a result of taking my courses, digital products and intensives are the intellectual property of
my company, Pearson Virtual Solutions. This information is prohibited from being sold and used outside of the training platform with myself.

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